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Notebook Sample

58-page sample of the 128-page notebook click to read

Soundtrack Sample

First few minutes of the
52-minute interview
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'The Edinburgh Interview has it all.'

Stephen Rollnick | Co-founder of MI


This motivational interviewing training resource is a comprehensive study of an authentic clinical assessment interview. The resource has two components: a high-definition recording of the fifty-two minute interview and a 128-page notebook providing extensive commentary. The licence permits trainers and coaches to share the notebook with their learners. Trainers and coaches are invited to contact Jeff Allison to discuss the diverse uses of this resource with both new learners and experienced MI practitioners.

The notebook contains: a precise transcript of the core interview between the patient and the nurse practitioner; a transcript of a conversation held six months after the interview, in which Jeff Allison discusses with the patient what he’d found helpful; transcripts of brief discussions (also recorded six months later) in which the patient, Sue Hudson Craufurd (the nurse practitioner) and Jeff, explore what was happening at thirty points in the interview; and line-by-line commentaries on the interview provided by Sue, Jeff, Steven M. Berg-Smith, and Tom Barth. Berg-Smith and Barth are widely regarded as outstanding MI trainers/coaches with international reputations. Guidance about using the resource is also provided in the notebook (see page 4).

You’ll find an abstract of the notebook and a sample of the soundtrack at the top of the page. Before listening to the soundtrack, open the notebook and go to page 7 - here you will find the transcript of the interview.

There is nothing remarkable about the Edinburgh Interview, other than the fact that it was recorded. Every day, all over the world, MI practitioners and their patients are struggling to make sense of the dilemmas in which they find themselves constrained. But rarely are these conversations recorded, and it’s rarer still that the parties later agree to document their collaboration.

This is an everyday example of MI done well enough to make a difference. If this interview was untypical of competent MI practice, it could serve no useful purpose for training and practice development coaching. It was just an ordinary working day for the nurse practitioner, but for the patient, it was a day that literally changed the course of his life. It was an extraordinary ordinary day. This resource aims to increase the frequency of such days.

The nurse practitioner recorded the interview in preparation for a monthly practice development meeting in which she and her colleagues took it in turns to present their work. Jeff Allison was the group’s trainer.



Steven M. Berg-Smith | Fairfax, California, USA

For more than thirty years, Steven has worked as a health educator, behaviour change counsellor, coach, consultant, and trainer of motivational interviewing. He’s a member of the MINT. Since 1994, Steven has facilitated more than 1200 MI training events, both in the USA and internationally, and supported many thousands of professionals in developing MI proficiency.

Tom is a clinical psychologist and MI practitioner. His special interests are addictions, dual diagnosis, mental health, and health counselling. He has extensive experience as a trainer, coach, and group supervisor, working throughout Scandinavia and beyond. Tom has been a member of the MINT since its foundation. He has co-authored four Scandinavian MI textbooks.

Tom Barth | Bergen, Norway

Sue Hudson Craufurd | Edinburgh, Scotland

Sue works as a trainer and coach in the National Health Service in Edinburgh, supporting staff to deliver evidence-based therapeutic approaches to people who struggle with substances. She was a visiting lecturer for several years at Glasgow University and works in collaboration with NHS Education for Scotland to support the practice development of staff working with clients. She also trains individuals who offer coaching to staff. Sue is a longstanding member of the MINT and has been involved in its Training for Trainers programme. Sue is the practitioner in the Edinburgh Interview.


Jeff Allison | Edinburgh, Scotland

Jeff is a trainer and coach. He helps practitioners manage awkward conversations where problems of behaviour change are centre stage, using MI as the reference style. During the last twenty-five years, he has provided training and practice development coaching for more than 300 commissioning organisations in 18 countries, in the fields of health, addictions, criminal justice, social care, employment guidance and MI research. He is a member of the MINT. Jeff assembled and edited the resource Notebook.


To access the two components of this resource you must first purchase a subscription. The cost is £10.00 GBP for one week. A subscription may be renewed after it has elapsed. The soundtrack is available online during the subscription period. It is not downloadable. Internet access is essential for listening to the soundtrack. The accompanying notebook is downloaded by the subscriber and retained for study - it's yours to keep.


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